martes, 15 de septiembre de 2009

And on my 16,436th day, I rode my bike for a while.

Los Mochis is surrounded by who knows how many Kms of dirt roads, some follow irrigation channels, some are just plain old caminos. To start my birthday on a good note I decided to ride to El Rio Fuerte not using any pavement at all, half the fun is always to plan the route, some work with Google Earth and GPSbabel and I had an acceptable plan on my GPS.

So at 0600 sharp out of my door, off I went.

The mountains mark my destination.

Getting close and looking out for Los perros (Dogs).

The river, very close to San Miguel Zapotitlan, Sinaloa.

A very cool improvised crossing underneath Mexico 5 Highway.

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domingo, 13 de septiembre de 2009

At long last, back in a bike ...

It all started late last winter, one morning it just become obvious to me that i had got to get back to my beloved sport. Months later, as I dusted off my road bike, I envisioned bikepacking around, no full kit, just me, a comfty bike and a starry night.

Today, I did my first Off/On road metric Century in more than 5 years. (Of course, I bonked on the last Kms )

My touring steed, all 90 dollars of it, the best of my parts bin and a full weekend of frame painting.