sábado, 25 de junio de 2011

Let´s start 2011

I really have to dust off my blog, now that rains are coming it´s as good time as any.

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A las 28 de julio de 2011, 11:46 , Blogger rachel.lin.weaver ha dicho...

Hello, I'm doing some research on Creel, Mexico for a documentary project. Would you be willing to let me ask you a few questions? I would really appreciate your input.

Thanks so much!

A las 14 de enero de 2016, 22:50 , Blogger ericaclayton ha dicho...

Your new input is make me to think about rising in my college. Nice to see it, and "dust in blog" is the best quote.

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A las 19 de marzo de 2017, 5:35 , Blogger Rui Carvalho ha dicho...


I found your bike's thread in the Expedition Forum and I am amazed with all your mod's but specially with your flyscreen!

Could you tell me where didi you get it?

Thank you very very much

Best regards


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