viernes, 16 de abril de 2010

Some thoughts on steel bikes

From MTBr forums.

Well, it's steel, so of course it's good. Ninja swords were made from steel. So you know it kicks ass.

Things ninja swords were not made from:

* aluminum
* carbon fiber
* dead cats.

Other badass things made from steel:

* Guns
* Bombs
* Chuck Norris

Also steel is steely, as in steely eyed. So it gives you some good mojo, you can defeat your enemies with your demeanor.

In a pinch, steel can be magnetized, macgyver style, which might get you out of a fix if you had to turn your bike into a giant compass or something.

Also steel rusts, which is handy, because it's a good indicator when you need to buy a new bike. Since the only way a steel bike can be destroyed is by rust, and chromoly rusts really slowly, they last a long time. When the rust goes all the way through the tube, you know it's shot. Aluminum and carbon fiber don't do this, they just break, usually when you're riding down a volcano at 200 mph being chased by pirates who are mad at you for being a ninja.

Steel is real. Aluminum is real too, it just doesn't rhyme.

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