viernes, 10 de abril de 2009

The coming of age ...

As some of you know, I have a great kid, a very good student, adventurous and at 17 ready to go away to college.

Being our last Semana Santa at home we planned a father and son trip that was ill fated , while we licked our wounds an idea arrived, lets do a 100 miles motorcycle ride on obscure dirt tracks from Los Mochis to a local private beach (Where he and his buddies hang out on the holiday). So up came Google maps and some nights of planning and GPS loading

Since we only have one motorcycle we needed a loaner, after some arrangements we got the bike, however fate being what it is made the loaner bike unavailable at the very last minute. A executive decision was in order, Jr. will make the adventure without me, (Hiding the decision from his mom was the right move it save us about a day of grief ).

So the plan was simple, my kid and a friend, following irrigation channels across the valley, jumping across a small sierra to the next valley, cross it and hit the coast, follow it for a while and get to Camahuiroa beach to make a camp in a friends lot.

Mundo somewhere in the journey, with both his parents waiting by the phone at home.