jueves, 30 de octubre de 2008

The story of a Canadian, a Mexican and a Brain Surgeon IV

On Dr. Monroy's recommendation we decided to make a quick stop near San Juanito to enjoy local Broiled Chicken and a couple of cold ones.

Due to some problems with the water supply in Creel a small dam was commissioned a while back, the result its a stunning secluded lake not far from Creel and perfectly suited for an afternoon snack.

Cheers from dangerous Mexico ...

We did get to Creel later that afternoon and after some walk around town and some loud music in a local cafe, we settled for the night, looking forward for a touristy day next morning.

Creel has many charms but its becoming a tourist trap in its own way with Arareco lake and the Valley of the Monks. If you are new to Creel you just have to go there, so on we go ...

Jan managed to ruin my ride in the mountains after a quick drive in his turbodiesel Toyota , I just keep on thinking the rest of the way how nice 300+ of torque must feel on all those climbs to come.

The Old mission its always a nice place to visit.

This used to be painted with murals until some Dumba$%^&, decided to put some paint over it.

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The story of a Canadian, a Mexican and a Brain Surgeon III.

There are a couple of common ways to get from Basaseachi to Creel, the paved one that makes a big loop up north and the off road goodness of a trail that I like to take, however progress its doing its thing and now its being paved also :-(.

Progress, Grrr ...

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The story of a Canadian, a Mexican and a Brain Surgeon II.

A new day gave us some fresh road to cover and a lofty midday destination, Basaseachi Falls.

I has been some time since i visited Basaseachi fall outside of the rainy season, it was just as nice as i remembered. I keep thinking that I need to spend a week or so at that place alone, so many trails and such a nice Canyon, I think I don't speak only for myself when I tell you that we left the place with a feeling of empty for being there for such a short time, but thats life on the road, got to keep on running ....

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miƩrcoles, 29 de octubre de 2008

The story of a Canadian, a Mexican and a Brain Surgeon I.

As I raced along Mexico's 15 towards Esperanza, Sonora, Mx. I just kept on thinking how good life really is; On Esperanza a good friend of mine, whom I have never actually meet, was waiting for me.

The trip has started, or at least the plan, a year ago when I received a PM asking for directions on the trails of Mexico's Copper Canyon. The gentleman's name was Jan Alsen, and adventurer with a firm plan and as I would later found out, many stories to tell.

The months came by, and suddenly the date was upon me, by then Jan had already covered a better part of the States and was getting dangerously close to our meeting place.

In Los Mochis, as usual, the plan to make the trip was coming along slowly, my kid had already ditched the trip (At 17, a weekend water skiing with his buddies seemed like a much better plan). A lucky encounter however landed the perfect copilot for the adventure.

Dr. Monroy has always lived a adventurous life, from the moment he took a break from school to work on the then on construction Chihuahua al Pacifico Railway to his early seventies trips on Motorcycles on the remote trails of Copper Canyon.

So there I was, speeding on I-15, midday sun on my side, with a great copilot, and trying to come up with the right words to greet my good friend Jan The Canadian.

As I approached Esperanza, I saw a very nice Toyota giving shade to a guy having a cold beer. That was the first of many signs that I was in for a good trip.

We finally got to said hello to each other and in a hurry we were driving towards Yecora, Sonora, A town known for its violent affairs and less so for the nice people that live there.

After a fairly uneventful afternoon that saw a lengthy revision by soldiers clearly more interested in the mad man that decided to travel who knows how many miles to see a couple of mountains than to check for drug smuggling. We finally arrived to Yecora at nightfall.

Yecora has always been a favorite of mine, a small town that only got reliable electricity a decade ago. Its got some nice cabins for rent and a couple of small hotels, We decided to spend the night in a hotel as the prospects of being robbed on our first night were pretty high.

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