domingo, 21 de marzo de 2010

The ride in Queretaro

Following my belief to make the most of the time away from home, I found out of a cool place to ride a bike while doing some work on the very nice city of Queretaro.

Queretaro is close to a couple of sierras, on one of them called The Aserrin, local cyclist have developed some fun trails, but very challenging from me since they are at 7,000 feet, and being a costeñito the climbs hurt.

El Aserrin rules, tough climbs, a couple of falls, blood, the works.

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A las 22 de marzo de 2010, 6:11 , Blogger A Midnight Rider ha dicho...

You have been silent for a while. Nice to see you blogging again.

A las 3 de abril de 2010, 5:27 , Blogger malonetravels2 ha dicho...

Él es muy macho! :)

Gracias por su excelentes fotografías y el informe!


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