jueves, 30 de octubre de 2008

The story of a Canadian, a Mexican and a Brain Surgeon IV

On Dr. Monroy's recommendation we decided to make a quick stop near San Juanito to enjoy local Broiled Chicken and a couple of cold ones.

Due to some problems with the water supply in Creel a small dam was commissioned a while back, the result its a stunning secluded lake not far from Creel and perfectly suited for an afternoon snack.

Cheers from dangerous Mexico ...

We did get to Creel later that afternoon and after some walk around town and some loud music in a local cafe, we settled for the night, looking forward for a touristy day next morning.

Creel has many charms but its becoming a tourist trap in its own way with Arareco lake and the Valley of the Monks. If you are new to Creel you just have to go there, so on we go ...

Jan managed to ruin my ride in the mountains after a quick drive in his turbodiesel Toyota , I just keep on thinking the rest of the way how nice 300+ of torque must feel on all those climbs to come.

The Old mission its always a nice place to visit.

This used to be painted with murals until some Dumba$%^&, decided to put some paint over it.

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