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The Lower Sierra, El Fuerte de Montesclaros, Sinaloa.

On the lower Sierra, besides a big strong river in 1563, El Fuerte de Montesclaros was founded by the spanish conquistador Francisco de Ibarra, The original Sierra Madre explorer.

Several years later in 1610, a Fort was built to ward off the Fierce Zuaque and Tehueco native americans. During that time, El Fuerte served as the gateway to the vast frontiers of the northern native-held territories of Sonora, Arizona and California.

For three centuries it was the most important commercial and agricultural center of the vast northwestern region of Mexico. El Fuerte was a chief trading post for silver miners and gold seekers from the Urique and Batopilas mines in the nearby mountains.
In 1824, El Fuerte became the capital of Sonora y Sinaloa (reaching up into Arizona). It remained so for several years until the dissolution of this state.

Jumping forward to modern times, El Fuerte has become a very nice Colonial town, famous for its kind people, old constructions, rich history, great fishing, excelent bird watching, and all surrendered by the mighty Fuerte River.

Here are some interesting photos and videos...
A river view from the new Fort and Museum.

The local Plazuela.

An example of the nice hotels in town.

The local Danza del Venado, a tradition. Courtesy of Jorge Corrales

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A las 16 de febrero de 2008, 23:56 , Blogger TiogaRV ha dicho...

Hi Ed,

Your images of El Fuerte in today's post are gorgeous. Although I explored El Fuerte when I was there, it's clear that I did not see much of the town!


A las 17 de febrero de 2008, 17:17 , Blogger Elaine ha dicho...

What lovely pictures. I really hope that one day we will get to visit your area. Thank you for all the information you've been posting.
Elaine in Canada


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