lunes, 28 de enero de 2008

There are some good days... And some Bad ones :-(

As I was getting ready to fix some things for my car on Saturday, a friend asked me to help him move some stuff off his trailer, he picked me up and off we went to a Taller (Workshop).

We were trying to get a heavy differential off the trailer, when a guy decided to help and grabbed a brake line and start pulling it, of course the line broke free and despite my Homer Simpson, Cat like reflexes, it struck my face really close to my right eye. So I spend the afternoon with doctors checking if everything was all right (which it was fortunately). so besides a black eye and a cut in the nose and the forehead looks like I will be wheeling again soon.

Being a firm believer of Murphy's law, it struck later that day, I was the only one without the flu at my house, so my body decided to give it a try.

So, I´m here, sitting at my home computer, sick as a dog and with a black eye. At least I have been doing a lot of web wheeling to get by.

Check the Vodka driven, crazy Polish guys doing an impossible fun trip. (Some foul language, caution)

3 KTMs go East @



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A las 1 de febrero de 2008, 10:31 , Blogger Fermin ha dicho...

chingao... cuando te toca... te toca compadre. Que te mejores Mundo! Ferminator

A las 1 de febrero de 2008, 23:06 , Blogger efuentes ha dicho...

Gracias, fue mas el susto ...


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