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The nice One ... El Fuerte - Tubares - San Juanito

We finally got a hold of a great GPS route, from El Fuerte to Tubares to San Juanito, as usual click the linky, hope you enjoy it.

For me its the best route to take from Los Mochis to Creel, the views of Presa Huites, crossing El Rio Fuerte, plus the steep Tubares - Piedras Verdes Trail makes a winner, it also includes the backroad to Urique.

For the .klm file you should have Google Earth installed, and remember the .gpx Garmin file is inside a .zip Archive.

Its a big file, so be patient.

.kml and .gdb files at keyhole.com

Saludos and Enjoy

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A las 2 de febrero de 2008, 19:35 , Blogger robert and laura malone ha dicho...


Thanks to you and whoever gave you assistance on this route. We have been to 48 countries, mostly on cheap buses as budget travelers carrying backpacks, and even in our backcountry driving trips in the US West have we seen much to top this trip...

Thanks for making this available, though the track is not for those with a fear of heights or mud or meeting big trucks on narrow crumbly edged tracks on the edge of moutainous precipices...

For us it could not get any better.... When we thought we might be lost, we would get the reassuring beep on the gps announcing one of the 200 plus marked turned.... Awesome

Thanks again for this great blog!

Robert and Laura

A las 4 de febrero de 2008, 22:47 , Blogger efuentes ha dicho...

Thanks for your words, it sure feels good to be able to help fellow travelers.

Thanks also to all the people who have helped with the proyect.


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