lunes, 11 de febrero de 2008

Las Barrancas comparison.

Ever wonder how deep are the canyons?. Me too!!, so lets find out.

Formed by five major river systems, these barrancas (canyons) are four times larger than the Grand Canyon of the Colorado.
The system have 9 rivers, and all have carved deep canyons on the sierras.

Here is how they stack up against the 1,425 meters of the most famous of them all, The Grand Canyon.

Canyon Depth Comparison

Urique-Copper - 1,879 meters, Sinforosa Canyon - 1,830 meters, Batopilas Canyon - 1,800 meters, Candameña Canyon - 1,750 meters, Mayo Canyon - 1,680 meters, Huapoca Canyon - 1,620 meters, Chinipas Canyon - 1,600 meters, Septentrion Canyon - 1,600 meters, Oteros Canyon - 1,520 meters.

No wonder it took a hundred years to make the railroad !!!.


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A las 12 de febrero de 2008, 8:31 , Blogger CanuckMariner ha dicho...

That's what I have been telling everyone when they ask why are you going to Copper Canyon (Barrancas Del Cobre): The canyon system is deeper, and bigger than the Grand Canyon of the USA and you can drive through and in it!!!


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