miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2008

The long way home.

For me, work is most of the time a fun and rewarding activity, but when it involves a 17 hour drive, 14 hours a day in a back to back week, it can get a little. Mmmm, how can I put it? Just too much.

Anyway, I`m back to my postings and happy at home.

I spend the week at Jaral del Progreso Guanajuato, a little town that happens to be the center of Barley production in Mexico. However not all was work last week, I did manage to squeeze a nice afternoon in San Miguel de Allende, "THE" colonial town in Mexico. I often forget how many little towns are clumped together in central Mexico, but my trusty GPS got me there rather easily. Its a very different kind of town, with so much history and a lot of tourist grooming. I got to walk around and had lunch in a very good restaurant, ´nuff talking, some photos and links for you.

The main plaza at San Miguel de Allende

What´s a town without singing frogs

The Catedral behind a 60s rock revival concert, i just get a kick out of globalization.

We found Mama Mia´s restaurant, Good food and ...

Good music goes hand in hand

Steampunk dream Harley ???

Some links to check out ...

San Miguel de Allende guide

Mama Mias Restaurant

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