martes, 24 de noviembre de 2009

The Epic

While my buddies were away riding El tour de Tucson for the nnnth time, I slowly mumble what to do on the long weekend. The only sensible thing to do was a solo epic ride.

I have always wanted to get up and personal with the communities of El Rio Fuerte, the original inhabitants of Mexico before the Spanish conquest.

So the plan was to ride up to San Blas and find a way to singletrack along the Rio Fuerte, hitting as many small communities as possible all the way to the coast before returning home. Eating fresh produce and local home made bread along the way instead of powerbars will give the ride that special plus.

I went at sunrise and after 6 Plus hours on the saddle and enjoying northern Sinaloa's oldest towns I finally completed the Epic ride I envisioned months ago.

Pictures to follow.

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