miércoles, 18 de marzo de 2009

The everchanging search for the road less taken...

I haven't really ridden a motorcycle in more than 20 years, but have longed to enjoy the region on a more personal and minimalistic way, that was my reasoning when I started biking again a few months back, problem for me is that a Bicycle is great but don't really cover a lot of ground in a long weekend, so version 2.0 of my minimalistic push will be on a small bike, a 1988 Honda NX250. And to think that there were some doubters that though I wasn't going to enjoy my mid life crisis, Ja.

The NX250 overlooking the Topolobampo Bay.


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A las 22 de marzo de 2009, 17:28 , Blogger malonetravels2 ha dicho...

Nice bike, amigo !

Loved the tale about the trip with your friends!

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