jueves, 1 de octubre de 2009

The Ceremonial Sierra, Mochicahui, Sinaloa

Mochicahui, Sinaloa with and undetermined foundation date precedes the Spanish Conquista, one of the three settlements of the Zuaque Nation (Being Charay and the lost Cigüini the other two), it was home of some of the fiercest Indians that resisted colonization until the early XVII century.

Located 18 miles from Los Mochis on the Rio Fuerte, it houses one of only 3 Indigena Universities in Latin America. UAIM and its 5,000 inhabitants host the main Semana Santa celebrations of northern Mexico.

Good info at Mochicahui - Su evangelización y fundación como misión jesuita a partir de 1605 Just use a little help from goggle translation.

A typical street.

Ruins of the Old Church.

Semana Santa en Mochicahui, the dance. Courtesy of Maencame

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