domingo, 6 de julio de 2008

Drifting, slowly drifting ....

Over the last few months I have been slowly drifting away from the Jeeperos/Rockcrawlers mindset and more into long expedition type travel, however lately I have gotten this newly found desire to get back on my beloved bicycles, Is it the $5 Dollar tread on expedition portal? Is it the perceived achievement of going camping on a Bicycle?.

Cars give you so much mobility and flexibility on travel, but at the same time isolate you from the true essence of the people and its surroundings, maybe cars are only great for destination travel???

Seems to me, after reading countless travel blogs, that the simpler the equipment the more personal the travel becomes.

Who knows?, but after last week travel, I just feel the need to ditch the car and the luxuries of 500 pounds of equipment and just go at it as simple as possible.


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A las 11 de octubre de 2008, 10:33 , Blogger malonetravels2 ha dicho...

Thanks for sharing this. We have some Swiss friends coming to visit us in late Dec. who tour on their bikes. One time we visited them in Zurich and they rented a car to take us around the country because they do not own one.

That said, glad we had the Global Warmer to visit your fabulous Copper Canyon, which was made possible in part by your wonderful CopperCanyonGate !

We have a new inflatable kayak and hope to come paddle with you on the river near Los Mochis!

Hope our folding bikes can keep up with your new monstah!


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