viernes, 11 de abril de 2008

The thousand mile conmute V

For Sunday, a very special part of the trip had been planned, The leaders had contacted a couple of Archaeologist from the Universidad Nacional to guide us to some of the Religious Architectural landmarks of the area, where they explain to us the different forms that the Catholic church used to build the vast number of temples in the region during the conquista.

Our Guides, they know their stuff, its amazing ..

Whats even more amazing its my belly, Note to myself, I have take it easy on the beer and tacos :(

A very early Capilla, those small building represent a more intimate praying place and usually service is offered once a month, this particular one dates from the early 1,700s

They are also characterized by the lack of windows due to they more private nature.

The altar ...

The latest renovation date, nice ...


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