lunes, 7 de enero de 2008

Choosing your route ...

So you want to cross the Chinipas river in Late summer?

Thats how a bunch of jeeps on 35s tires looked like last September, it was fun !!!

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A las 7 de enero de 2008, 14:25 , Blogger allen ha dicho...

Great site, Ed. Good, usable information. Many thanks.

Allen R

A las 8 de enero de 2008, 8:44 , Blogger Ted ha dicho...

Hola Ed
You are off the a great start, good information, I have booked marked your site.

A las 8 de enero de 2008, 9:25 , Blogger V4Vagabond ha dicho...

clHi Edmundo,
I found your site through George's, which I read every day. I am an RV'er too and would like to come to Mexico someday and see the fabulous Copper Canyon. Thank you for your website.

A las 9 de enero de 2008, 10:49 , Blogger Elaine ha dicho...

Hi Ed
Found your site through George and Tioga. I have book-marked your site. I'm really enjoying it. We have been to Mexico frequently and just love visiting your country. We hope to see the Copper Cannon some day.
Elaine in Canada

A las 9 de enero de 2008, 11:03 , Blogger efuentes ha dicho...

Thanks for your kind words, i´ll keep on posting


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