sábado, 5 de enero de 2008

The start of Copper Canyon Gate

After a nice afternoon with my friend George and his Blog, I have decided to start my own, I will document the area of the Copper Canyon and its entrance at Los Mochis, Sinaloa, I hope to provide information of the area to fellow travelers and expeditioners from all over the world.


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A las 6 de enero de 2008, 12:03 , Blogger Minot ha dicho...

I agree with Tioga George - this is a fantastic site. I'm looking forward to more.

A las 8 de enero de 2008, 21:02 , Blogger homes ha dicho...

Hi Ed,
Great start on you blog. I am an avid reader of Tioga and George. I will not retire for another 5 years but I am "traveling" already by these weblogs. I look forward to getting to your part of the world some day! I am an Architect in Northwest Arkansas. Thanks for your site. Ron

A las 9 de enero de 2008, 6:47 , Blogger Dale662 ha dicho...

Good for you. Next year I'll hit the road, George! I hope your blog hits the roof with readers.

A las 9 de enero de 2008, 13:40 , Blogger CanuckMariner ha dicho...

Superb start Edmundo...looking forward to hearing about routes A or B ..email me when you have them done...


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